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Spencer D. Jordan, Ph.D.

President and Founder

Quantum Energy

Resources, Inc.







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The Company

  Quantum Energy Resources, Inc. (“Quantum”) is an independent, privately-owned, energy development, marketing, and operating company.  Quantum was established in 1989, and is actively engaged in the acquisition of Oil & Gas Mineral Leases, the development of Mineral Leases through drilling and production operations, and in the gathering, transportation and marketing of natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and refined petroleum products throughout the United States.  

     With its upstream activities, Quantum provides unique opportunities to participate in the drilling and development of qualified Oil & Natural Gas Projects.  Quantum is currently active in the acquisition of Mineral Leases with specific focus on Northeast Texas and Northwest Louisiana in the Haynesville Shale Formation.  Quantum makes it a priority to establish strong relationships with the Mineral Owners with whom it enters into Lease Agreements.  

     Quantum is characterized by its proven ability to consummate numerous and often complex transactions with its downstream marketing activities, and its low risk, high volume business prospective.  Customers of its products include local distribution companies (“LDC’s”), electric utilities, cogeneration plants, municipalities, governmental agencies, and commercial and industrial end users. 

     The marketing of natural gas and refined petroleum products in today’s environment of highly volatile prices is significantly more intricate than it has been in the past.  Contracts with end users and producers now commonly contain innovative pricing and delivery options tailored to their specific needs.  Managing the often conflicting requirements between these two entities has become increasingly important. 

     Quantum's extensive downstream network provides access to a large and diversified base of customers and suppliers.  Thus, the company is able to react quickly and provide creative solutions to various market requirements while at the same time protecting against adverse swings in the price of energy products.