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Sales Representative/Agent

  Quantum Energy also renders services as a sales representative and agent for several manufacturers of oilfield products, tools, and equipment. 

   As Sales Representative, Quantum maintains a network of contacts with various major and smaller independent companies that require such products, tools and equipment in the rendering of their oilfield services. Several of these major companies operate on an international and global basis.

   Much of this equipment is used on well site operations in the drilling, completion, stimulation, and work-over stages of Exploration & Production (E & P).  As Quantum’s clients develop new products, services and solutions to address both the growing demand for energy as well as to improve E & P performance, Quantum makes certain these innovations are available for distribution to its customers in a timely and cost effective manner.

   Quantum’s customers are therefore able to maintain their competitive edge, and fully utilize these technological improvements to further enhance their profits and growth.  Quantum Energy makes it a priority to retain the continued confidence and respect of its customers and clients by its commitment to excellence.