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Oil & Gas Development Projects 
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Target Properties
Relationship With Mineral Owners
Technical Expertise
Strategic Alliances
Minority Business Enterprise Certification

   Quantum Energy participates in, sponsors, and helps structure and market various oil and natural gas drilling and development projects primarily in the States of Texas and Louisiana.

     Quantum’s Management has established an extensive network of contacts, business relationships, and strategic alliances,  throughout the  petroleum industry. Through these contacts, relationships and alliances, Quantum is able to provide both qualified individual and institutional investors unique opportunities to participate in the development of quality oil and gas projects.  Many of these investment opportunities are customarily only available to industry partners.

     Today more than ever, investors realize the benefits of owning oil and gas reserves. The record prices for natural gas and oil are the result of increasing global demand for energy, combined with current world problems, particularly those in the Middle East.  These are expected to continue to exert upward pressures on prices of oil and natural gas. Further expansion of conflicts with Arab countries (which seems inevitable based on the present policy to pursue terrorists and terrorist activities even in oil sensitive countries), will result in additional price escalations and shortages. All these combine to make this an ideal and timely situation for Quantum Investors to maximize their investment potential.

     Current inflationary trends, significant taxation and moderate interest rates, all combine to make investments in oil and gas projects very attractive.  The oil industry is unique in that significant income tax advantages and tax shelters are still available. This is not the case with other investments. Thus the availability of full deductions for Intangible Drilling Costs (IDC) and substantial depletion allowances, make oil and gas investments even more attractive. Quantum’s objective is to maximize economic returns to its Investors by successfully locating through its extensive network of industry contacts, such excellent opportunities to participate in the drilling, development and production of oil and natural gas properties.

     With many majors and larger independents focusing on large exploration projects overseas and offshore, a buyers market has been created for smaller independents to acquire and participate in the development and production of excellent oil and gas properties. These properties have significant upside potential reserves that can be maximized by using today’s modern technology such as MWD (Measurement While Drilling), LWD (Logging While Drilling), under-balanced drilling, directional and horizontal drilling, and hydraulic fracturing. 3-D seismic data acquisition, processing and presentation, combined with modern computer interpretations using improved sophisticated software programs, have greatly enhanced the success of 3-D Seismic evaluations.

     The timing could not be better for investing in oil and natural gas projects.  Quantum has focused its network activities and industry alliances to locate, evaluate, lease, drill, develop, and market such prospects that offer excellent rates of return.  Not since the mid-70’s, have such opportunities existed for the timely acquisition of oil and gas properties, reserves,  and their proper development.  - top


     Quantum’s current activities are focused on locating, leasing, developing, and  marketing lower risk oil and gas projects in the States of Texas and Louisiana.  These Projects consist of:

  • Acquiring valuable acreage and mineral leases in proven oil and gas fields and reservoirs. Quantum is focusing current leasing activities in Northeast Texas and Northwest Louisiana, with special emphasis on the Haynesville Shale Formation.

  • Drilling horizontal wells in shale and heavily fractured formations that contain significant concentrations of oil and gas accumulations.

  • Drilling new developmental horizontal and directional wells in established fields, and applying the newest hydraulic fracturing procedures and methods to greatly enhance production rates.

  • After production rates and cash flow are established, actively drilling additional infill and development offset wells to fully develop the Leases that Quantum acquires and maximize production. 

  • Concentrate on Projects that utilize and apply the newest technological advances and procedures, including horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and extensive subsurface analysis through modern   3-D seismic technology.    - top 


     Quantum Energy is currently acquiring Mineral Leases in Northeast Texas and Northwest Louisiana, with specific emphasis on the Haynesville Shale Formation.  Quantum focuses its activities to maintain solid relationships with its Mineral Owners with whom it enters into Lease Agreements.  The development of  relationships built around trust, confidence, and on-going open communications, are priorities with Quantum.  We consider our Mineral Owners to be "Partners" with Quantum in the proper drilling, development and operation of the Properties which Quantum leases.  Regular communications and meetings with individual Mineral Owner Groups are primary principles under which Quantum Energy operates.   - top


    Quantum has assembled an Exploration Team of highly competent and knowledgeable professionals with extensive experience, who have been intimately associated with all aspects of acquiring, developing, operating and managing oil and gas producing properties.  Quantum and its Strategic Partners have substantial experience in the complete coordination and administration in the areas of drilling, completion, production, and workover operations.  Quantum also makes extensive use of qualified contractual and independent consulting technical specialists relative to geological, geophysical and engineering areas of expertise during each of these upstream operational activities.

     Quantum makes specific use of the best service companies available relative to its drilling and completion operations.  Various photos attached reflect the activities of Schlumberger Wireline Services and Halliburton Energy Services, during some of the logging and perforating operations by Schlumberger, and the cementing operations by Halliburton, on recent Quantum Energy Projects. 

     Independent Drilling Contractors are utilized in connection with the drilling of vertical and Horizontal Wells. Several photos illustrate these operations, and the various ancillary equipment employed in the hydraulic fracturing of Horizontal Wells, particularly in the Haynesville Shale Formation. The use of underbalanced drilling techniques, combined with extensive "frac operations", can result in significantly improved production of natural gas and oil, even greater than with customary vertical wells.

     For a reservoir rock formation to be a commercial producer of oil and natural gas, three (3) basic characteristics need to exist. 

        1. A  formation Drive that can push and force the natural gas and oil toward the Wellbore that was drilled.  This Drive can be a Water Drive, a Gas-Solution Drive, or a Gas Cap Drive.  Many Drives are a combination of these.

        2. A formation with Porosity.  The rock must have sufficient "Pore Spaces" that can hold the oil and natural gas.  These Pore Spaces can be equated with the size of the individual rooms in your house.

       3. A formation with Permeability.  The rock must have sufficient "doorways" and "hallways" to permit the oil and natural gas to move (flow) from one room, out the door, down the hallway, to another room, then thru that doorway down the hallway to another room, and so forth, until the oil and natural gas reach the Wellbore.         

     The Haynesville Shale Formation has extremely low permeabilities, and thus prior attempts to produce the Formation with vertical wells had marginal results.  Today's modern drilling methods now permit the drilling of Horizontal Wells that can extend for thousands of feet horizontally in the Shale Formation.  After perforation, a significant hydraulic fracturing operation is performed on the Shale, that cracks and "fracs" the Formation to create new "hallways" and "doorways" to permit large amounts of oil and gas to quickly escape from all the "rooms" (Pores Spaces), where they had previously been trapped.  This is called "Secondary Permeability", and once these fractures are created thru the implementation of strong pressures applied to the Formation, a "Propant" is forced out into these fractures to hold them open once these pressures are removed.

     Quantum Energy and its Strategic Partners fully utilize these modern technological drilling procedures to further enhance production rates and overall performance.  The full development of the Mineral Leases that Quantum acquires is greatly increased by the implementation of these innovative procedures.  This results in substantially higher Royalty Revenues to the Mineral Owners.   - top


     Quantum has focused on developing Strategic Alliances with other experienced Independent Exploration and Production Companies to establish a highly competent Exploration Team.  This Team is currently acquiring significant Lease Acreage in the Haynesville Shale Formation in Northeast Texas and Northwest Louisiana.    

     As an example, Quantum has a Strategic Alliance with New Century Exploration, Inc. (, to acquire Leases in Texas and Louisiana, to drill and complete wells on such acreage, and to fully develop production rates on these Leases.  Utilization of modern horizontal drilling technology, combined with extensive hydraulic fracturing operations, can maximize royalty revenues to the Mineral Owners. Quantum prides itself in maintaining on-going relationships with its Mineral Owners with whom it obtains Leases. Regular and open communications with Mineral Owners are major priorities.

      Quantum also regularly uses the expertise of NuTech Energy relative to log analysis and interpretation, as well as engineering consulting. NuTech has an outstanding reputation in the Industry, and performs services for many of the large Independents and Majors.   Their Website is   Quantum has recently acquired several deep Wells previously drilled by Humble Oil Company (Exxon), in the Texas Gulf Coast area.  The logs and records from each of these wells also indicate production zones that were by-passed and are currently "behind pipe".  NuTech has reviewed the applicable logs and production records, and identified some of the pay zones. Attached are a few pictures of one of these Wells recently re-worked and in production.  Quantum is presently developing Operational Procedures to re-enter additional Wellbores of the Wells it has acquired, and establish significant production of natural gas and oil. Some of these Operations will involve the deepening of the older Wellbores as well as specific side-track and whipstock operations.  - top


     There are unique marketing opportunities available since Quantum is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise ("MBE").  This allows Quantum to receive a premium from specific markets for the sales of its natural gas and condensate (oil products) produced by the Wells on the Leases that Quantum acquires. Quantum is an active member of the National Council of Minorities in Energy ("NCME"), whose purpose is to increase opportunities for minority business participation in the energy industry.  NCME has developed and implemented strategies which have enhanced strong relationships with major natural gas purchasers throughout the U.S.A.  Such relationships can provide significantly higher revenues received for the natural gas and oil produced.  - top