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Corporate Philosophy

   With its upstream activities, Quantum has focused on developing Strategic Alliances with other experienced Petroleum Companies and qualified Operators, to establish an excellent Exploration Team.  This Team is currently concentrating on Mineral Lease Acquisitions and in the drilling and development of these Leases by the utilization of Horizontal Drilling Technology, and Hydraulic Fracturing Operations. Quantum makes it a priority to maintain positive and on-going relationships with its Mineral Owners with whom it obtains Leases.

   The benefits of owning oil and natural gas reserves and participation in the development of such reserves have never been greater.  Increasing global demand for energy and the expanding third world economies, combined with increased problems in the Middle East, have resulted in record prices for petroleum products. Quantum will continue to pursue oil & natural gas projects by acquiring Mineral Leases and developing these Leases with its Strategic Alliance Partners.

     Quantum's philosophy with its downstream activities is to offer our clients the best procurement and marketing solutions possible. Quantum's mission is to perform various significant functions in the hydrocarbon marketing chain. These include the development of niche marketing opportunities and the marketing and distribution of natural gas and refined petroleum products to downstream customers. Quantum's major advantage is its understanding of the natural gas and refined products marketplace from both the production and consumption perspective.

     Quantum has an established market base and a supply portfolio consisting of major and independent producers. The recent and impending changes in the regulatory environment have resulted in many new challenges that confront consumers of natural gas and refined petroleum products. Therefore, it is essential Quantum be consistently aware of the various supply options available, the implications of daily supply and system imbalances, storage options and transportation alternatives.