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Refined Petroleum Products

   Quantum serves as a refined petroleum products supplier offering long-term fixed price supply contracts, as well as short-term and spot market transactions.  Quantum’s staff uses its market knowledge and relationships with producers and customers to arrange deliveries by pipeline, railcar, truck, barge or exchange.  Products marketed include #2 and #6 fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.  Cost benefit analyses are offered to clients in order to maximize fuel utilization and assure optimum pricing strategies.  Refined petroleum product buy/sell contracts are typically either term relationships, with monthly price renegotiations or resetting based on a published reference, or spot purchases and sales. 

     Base load producers and end users prefer to have stable sales and supply commitments with the respective parties having the ability to reset prices when applicable.  Known for its responsiveness to all customers from major utilities to small commercial end users, Quantum is a performance oriented refined petroleum products supplier which can serve its market at any level, on time, and at a competitive price.